The Australian Jazz Convention is coming up December 26 – 31st in Ballarat – more news as it comes to hand. I checked with Bobby Ballinger who is on the organising committee, and the playing schedule is coming out soon. Amongst Jammers going are

  • Katerina Myskova

  • Annie Smith and the Bossa Boys (I think)

  • Meself

  • Pony Tail Pete

  • The Captain himself

  • Murray the trumpet,

  • Jeff Harris

  • Bill Swannie,

  • and a bunch of others

Port Fairy Jazz Festival. This is getting to be the biggest Festival in Victoria. 8th – 10th February 2019. About a bazillion bands playing,(oh alright, 120) including the usual suspects

Details in https://www.portfairyjazz.com.au

Jazz Planning for Victoria workshop

Discussed at a seminar last week, by jazz friends (enthusiasts, musicians, promoters, radio presenters etc.) from all over Victoria. Supported by Geelong and Ballarat Jazz Clubs, Moyne Shire and organised by the Port Fairy Jazz Festival. An action plan will follow in 2019.

If you look closely, you may spot a couple of Jammers in attendance

Halls Gap: The Chaos Files

A number of regular, part-time and past jammers attended the 3rd Halls Gap Jazz and Blues Festival last weekend. In favourable weather more than 100 bands assembled in the fantastic Grampians environment to perform before a good number of jazz devotees.

John Curtis, Annie Smith, Steve Bray and Doug Kuhn presented their highly entertaining Annie and the Bossa Boys. Jeff Harris was invited to play with a Blues Band (40 Thieves Blues Band) and wowed the audience with his performance. Mike Hirsh, Alan Richards, Keith Hughes, Tina Ayris,  Gillian Sealby,  David Lakeman and Brian Paulusz were also making great music over the weekend.

My personal high was to get to renew acquaintance and play with David Lole from Canberra who joined us two years ago when he spent a few months living in Melbourne.


Wangaratta Jazz

Early reports indicate that the Wangaratta shenanigans went well, with performances at the Bulls Head featuring the sprightly Miss Smiff. As in previous years, the Sunday market was the peak event for the band of jammers who went up. This Sunday morning event should be a sideshow, but has always attracted a goodly crowd who are appreciative of the music.

Props to Huich (violin) at her first Wang bash – she impressed, as did another first timer, Andre, who dropped in for a fine stint on the drums.