The Lunatic Soup Lounge: Report from the Captain

23 musicians attended the Leinster on Sunday. Music started with Sam Izzo on keys, Doug on bass, Glen on drums and a lone saxophonist. Lee arrived soon after from Bendigo with his smooth sounding trumpet,with Noel on flute and tenor and Taariq and young Matt on guitar. Michael took over on drums and in walked Elliot with his new trombone, Mihoko with a borrowed double bass and Anthony with his guitar to add to the cacophony.

Sam was replaced by John Curtis, then Bob, then Richard on Keys. Vocals were supplied by Kevin, Debbie, Anne and John. Later arrivals were Chico (guitar) Carson (bass) and Conrad (bass). Last to come through the door was John Calamatta to add some class to the front line.


The Laika Bar and the CCQ

The Laika Bar CCQ Sessions:  Ruby Rogers Returns!

That’s right, long time Jammer Ruby Rogers will be tearing up the Laika this Friday with the Captain Chaos Quartet – Daniel Pickard the lucky bass player, and trumpet virtuoso , well virtuous anyway most of the time, Brae Grimes. I shall be lowering the tone on keys…

Ruby Rogers and Friends, at the Laika Bar, 6 Fitzroy Street, St Kilda, Friday 27thh February from 7.30 – 10.00

 Ruby Rogers and Friends

Castlemaine Jazz Festival Update

The Castlemaine Jazz Festival June 5th – June 7th 2015

Spoke to someone from NSW this week. They were having difficulty booking accommodation in Castlemaine from the 5th June to 7th June. Already. Good Grief!

The Captain and the Haircut amused themselves at the Grampians Jazz Festival by handing out registration forms for bands, and the applications continue to roll in. Headaches for Hannah the Venues Maestro – we are talking about putting on extra venues…

For the latest goss…

Aah, Time for the B Team…and the Jam session gets slightly bent, but not broken

The Ludicrous Arms Hotel, watering hole of the Colliwobble cognoscenti, was in somnolent mood when I got there… Il Duce setting up the drums, Herr Matthews sucking on a reed, John the Voice at the bar, and not a lot going on. Ah, well, wonder how the Halls Gap mob are coping with the heat.

So… might as well get started – a lively jaunt through I Remember Clifford, Noel on sax and Glen at the drums, in walks Taariq, Andy Moon, Lee the Trumpet, John Calamatta on sax, Kevin on tonsils, and away we went, with John in fine voice and a tyro on Killing Me Softly.

By the time we had started indulging Colonel T with some bebop, a fine afternoon had evolved. Well You Needn’t and Cantaloupe Island kept the lads amused.

And by the time Kevin and Andy Moon started Route 66 as a v and b duo, things were really looking good. Quite a revelation to hear restraint at a Jam – all class for sure, and even the saxaphones managed not to join in.

And then, too soon perhaps, it was time to pack up and leave. Which leaves us with time to do it all again next week. There will be Chaos…

The Castlemaine Jazz Festival June 5th – June 7th 2015

Check out the website: a Jazz Train to Maldon! And now we are in discussion with some new venues, designing some posters for Jazz Jammers to plaster all over their part of Melbourne, talking about balloons and trying top get a spot on the radio.

And the band registrations are starting to mount up…