The Leinster Bar… well, we stuffed that up didn’t we?

After last week’s gallimaufrey of bass players, this week it was the piano players turn:

Ade Ish, Larry from Townsville, Rory Clark, Sam Izzo, Gentleman John Curtis (welcome back, were ya been!), the Venerable Bob and meself all got a short turn eventually. The Ageing Roue played an inordinate amount of might fine sax, and the Captain played a subordinate amount of mighty fine sax, as did Noel. Ben and Chic provided some neat guitar work, hardly anyone sang (well, Kevin smoothed things out for a while), young tyros Tom and Mike played drums and trombone,  Doug Haircut Kuhn nearly got trampled in the rush, Sebastien rattled between good and not so, and Colonel T of the Fourth Light Punjab Horse  provided a relieving role on bass.

So, why did we stuff it up? Such was the seemingly endless procession of hot jazz that a few of the less experienced jammers missed out or left early – with that much talent in the room, getting up to play after them would be an unnerving experience.

The essence of the jams is to get everyone involved as much as possible, even if this does mean that the standard of music becomes a bit, err, variable. So if you missed out, please come back and if Coltrane walks in and takes over, we will toss him out in your favour, on the grounds that (a) he needs to join in not take over, (b) he probably won’t come back next week as he is too busy reissuing dodgy compilation CD’s,  (c) he is dead and (d) we would rather you played anyway. Or any way, as long as it is fun.

Or not as the case may be…

Props to Peter Cole for getting this, waiting for his opportunity,  and blowing up a storm, to Sam Izzo who got the briefest of sessions and still got drowned out by the soloists,  and most particularly to Colonel T for his patience before finally getting up on bass and swinging. Unheard of, call a doctor. Or a vet. Or a mechanic. I give up, what does he run on?

We will try to do better next time –


The Laika Bar: Angie Strickland with the CCQ

Last Friday saw a polished little Ange, accompanied by Jason Chalmers playing out of his skin on saxaphone, and Doug Kuhn (bass) and meself (piano) fill in the doofy bits and twiddly bits where needed. The Diva trotted out a coupla great new  ballads.

A good turn up of people dropping in for a listen, although not as big as the first week. Well received by the Laika folks.

No Captain Chaos Quartet this week, as the Laika had a prebooked solo singer. Next week… stay tuned!… the CCQ will be back.



Jam Session goes moderately mental, need a week to recover…

Despite unreliable reports to the contrary, the Divine Miss Smith failed to make an entrance on roller skates, clutching a somewhat limp aspidistra. In fact, she stoutly maintains she doesn’t do aspidistras these days, a nugget of information for which we can all be profoundly grateful, especially, I would think,  the aspidistras.

So what happened at this week’s jam? Clearly something has gone wrong, because 25 musicians and singers turned up and boogied the Sunday Arvo away until well past my bed time.

The honours in the opening stoush probably went to the lemonade sipping ageing sheep farmer, whose name, Roger, remains anonymous. Ably supported by the Captain, the Cole, the Ben Stewart on guitar, the Hirsh on drums, Le Sebastien who ruined a perfectly good reputation for consistency by nearly playing something quietly and delicately. Mon dieu, societe is to blame… and driven along nicely by a bass section that included Doug Haircut Kuhn, Ivan the not terrible at all, and Andy Moon amongst others…

A fit looking Colonel T is back from his travels and threw in the customary Pastorius riff to remind us, whilst oscillating between bass and guitar…Nice little cameos from Kevin, Ken from Castlemaine, a bunch of new trumpeters, saxophonists and one slightly nervous rock guitarist who ended up having a ball.

Props to Mercedes for getting up and putting her partner in the shade by singing up a storm, and to  the aforementioned non aspidistra carrying Diva for a late set.

A great afternoon’s entertainment all round, and some damn good music from time to time. The Captain was well chuffed.

See ya this Sunday?


The Captain Chaos Quartet at the Laika Bar

Sevil Sabah’s opening session saw upwards of 50 people in the Laika Bar, and was enthusiastically received by the Management who promptly invited us back this Friday…



So… the impeccable Ange Strickland will be performing, with support from Doug Kuhn (bass), Jason Chalmers (Saxophone) and meself at the grand piano. Ange’s repertoire ranges from Jazz Standards to Soul/pop numbers, so it should keep us on our toes all night. You might get on down and tap a few toes yourself…

Ange Strickland at the Laika Bar, 6 Fitzroy Street, St Kilda, 7.30 – 9.30, Friday 21st November

Sevil Sabah with Jazz Notes in a double bill with Annie Smith and the Roger Clark Quartet

Sevil Sabah and Jazz Notes are coming back to Dizzy’s in a double bill with Annie Smith and the Roger Clark Quartet.

Jazz Notes will bring to you a wide range of music with the elegant and sultry voice of Sevil Sabah: from swing and jazz standards to some with a twist, gentle ballads, Latin, blues, soul and even some funky pop.

Then, it’ll be time for Annie Smith and the Roger Clark Quartet. We don’t know exactly what they’ll be doing but there’ll certainly be plenty of energy and antics when the Smith and Clark families get together.

And the night will finish with another set from Jazz Notes.

Who knows? We might even combine the bands for a few numbers.

Sevil Sabah with Jazz Notes
Sevil Sabah (vocals)
Ann Craig (flute)
Kevin Blazé (guitar)
Daniel Pickard (bass)
Tom Doublier (drums)

Annie Smith and the Roger Clark Quartet
Annie Smith (vocals)
Roger Clark (saxophone)
Rory Clark (piano)
Paige Smith (bass)
Allan Smith (drums)


Tue 25 November, 2014

Bookings recommended

Dizzy’s Jazz Club
381 Burnley Street
Richmond 3121
(03) 9428 1233

More about Jazz Notes at .

The Ludicrous Arms Jam Session; Hortense goes on a diet. Madge doesn’t.

It may have been at last week’s debacle at the West Altona Distressed Gentlefolk’s Bide A Wee Rest Home Meet and Greet (apparently it wasn’t a barbecue after all) that Hortense announced she was going on a diet. After much and morose deliberation she settled on a Vegan. Nobody was more surprised than the Vegan.

It is Madge’s proud boast that she once went on a diet – she ate seven Chiko Rolls in a single session at the Strangled Ferret. As this had no discernible effect, she has since reverted to her more customary nine. Diets are, in her opinion a load of old rubbish.

Which brings me to the Jam Session. Come Sunday Arvo, at the Gold Street Dentistry Emporium and Gossip Shop, several musos were sinking their teeth into the nether parts of a wide variety of toons: starting with a debutant pianist on Tenor Madness, followed by Mercy Mercy Mercy, Boplicity, Equinox and a bunch of Debbie’s bouncy little numbers. All delivered with some panache and no bassist at all until Ivan turned up.

It actually started as a bit of a rough afternoon, but ended up swimmingly , with a surprising number of new faces in the crowd: Ken singing, a trumpeter whose name I forget, saxophonists aplenty, Chico on guitar and Sam on bass towards the end. And speaking of new faces I am not of course referring to Mr Hirsh although he was the pick of the drummers.

In truth, there were only two pianists all afternoon and one of them had very sore hands by the end of it, but a splendid session of ballad mangling, gossip and Carlton Daft.

Summer is upon us. See ya Sunday?


Sunday Arvo Jam Session, The Leinster Arms, Gold Street, Collingwood every Sunday, 4.00 until the Captain Calls it Quits, or about 7.30, whichever comes last…