What’s On, What’s not, What Ho! Rubys Music Room: The Captain Chaos Sessions

The Captain Chaos sessions (continued). This week, all chaos to be laid firmly at the door of improbably glamorous chanteuse Ange Strickland … showcasing her jazz rep with support from Doug Kuhn (bass), meself (piano) and Spike on drums.

Rubys Music Room is starting to attract a diverse crowd – plenty of jammers have been turning up, which is great, but in recent weeks there have been more and more completebluddystrangers sitting over a wine or three and enjoying the music. What a great way to end your working week!


Ange Strickland

And next week, a welcome return from Ruby Rogers. Yup, sequins all over da joint..

Ruby’s Music Room, Bennett’s Lane, Friday 28th March, 5.30 – 8.30. Free entry.

The Gold Street Gossip Shop : Well, that was weird…

An entire session without a bass player … leading to some mighty fine adjustments from the usual suspects, if not from a coupla unusual suspects as well.

After last week’s shenanigans, it was almost a relief to quieten down a bit, although I suspect the Captain gets more fun from creating chaos on a grander scale. An opportunity to trot through the entire canon of songswhatcolknows and a few gems amongst thetrainwrecks were to be savoured.

Notwithstanding the lack of basso profundo, some dextrous playing by Lisette (looking rather spiffin’ as she had a gig to go to after), a fair innings from the debonair JC, and Chelly going the tonk later in the arvo. All rather pleasant and even, on occasion, restrained.

It could have been the cold weather, but personally I think society is to blame.

Nobody received a knighthood, so that was nice..


The Castlemaine Jazz Festival June 7th and 8th 2014

One of our aims for the Festival is to get a diverse range of bands – so if you like swing, bebop blues or trad – there will be something for you!

If you you like swing, bebop blues and trad, you are a sick puppy, quite possibly confused, and there will be an awful lot for you.

And if you can’t choose which bands to see, you could go for the lot and it will only cost you $1.87 per band. Bargain!

Featured bands this week on the website..just click on the news tab

  • The Daylesford Swing Band (all 20 of them… gulp)
  • Robbie Melville Trio
  • Moodswing
  • Standing Tall (Stan! where did you get that shirt??)
  • The Tim Nelson Band
  • Vida Petrini
  • Malt and Rye
  • The Paul Van Ross Trio



Jazz On Main

Hi live music enthusiasts,
SOLEAD Q are back at Jazz on Main by public demand (as usual).
Friday 4th April ….1st Friday of month back again !!!(at least until June)
Solead Q always delight our audience with their stunning, energetic musicality !
Come and be spellbound by Bernado Soler’s band’s Latin/Flamenco/Jazzy grooves !!
You wont be disappointed !
More info ? Contact me on 0411342337 !
If you are on Facebook please ‘like’ my ‘Jazz on Main’ page and be kept up to date
that way as well!
Lets keep live music happening in the outer east
Love Jan
JAZZ on Main (usually 1st Frid of month)
1st Floor
106 Main St
Lilydale ,( just over r/way line heading to yarra valley)
$15pp, lounge environment, dance floor, coffee and biscuits incl.
PS…..ifyou would like to be put up to date on my Jazz gigs.(Jans Jazz)…let me know and I can email you !! Cheers

At Dizzy’s – Thursday, 27 March

Mordialloc Jazz Orchestra ( MOJO )

MOJO spent it’s first 88 years as the Mordialloc City Band and then the Mordialloc Brass band.  Now  more than 100 years on this historic collaboration are part of Melbournes’ musical history.  Dizzy’s is proud to present this modern day Big Band playing jazz standars from the old to the new.

Singing with the band on stage is encourage tonight.

Start Time: 8.00PM
Entry Fee: $14.00/$10.00

What’s On, and Why Not?

Rubys Music Room: The Captain Chaos Sessions

Amy Jaulin takes time out from her studies to don the 3″ eyelashes and glam it up for Ruby’s this Friday. Doug Kuhn on the profound bass, the Constable in percussive mode, and meself trying to make the Steinway giggle. Oh, and the estimable Captain Chaos will quite possibly be making saxaphonic noises from time to time, because, let’s face it, that is what he does best…

 Amy Jaulin

Last week saw the Cripp in positively avuncular good mood, and why wouldn’t he with another sultry performance from Sevil Sabah, in front of a lively crowd. All class.

And next week, the impossibly glamorous Ange Strickland will be free wheeling through her jazz rep.

 Ruby’s Music Room, Bennett’s Lane, Friday 21st March, 5.30 – 8.30. Free entry.

The Castlemaine Jazz Festival June 7th and 8th 2014: pass me the whisky

It is hard to imagine the Committee won’t be exhausted by the time this one comes around. The line-up gets better and better as the word gets around, and the local press/radio campaign is already under way.

 We will be asking regular jammers to pick up and distribute some posters and flyers in the next week or two, but even if you can’t do that, pass the word around your friends.

 Meanwhile, jump on the website and browse through some of the featured bands that will be performing – just click on the News tab.