The Grand Hotel – this week: big voice, big crowd, huge bass

Sevil Sabah sang a hot set last week, in front of a goodly crowd.

This week, John “Chopsticks” Curtis returns from his world tour of Vietnam to shake off the rust and play a toon or three. Anne Hayres is singing, dressed to the nines and wielding a blunt instrument to keep him up to his previously high standard. Danilo on drums, Rene Tessmer on bass. I enjoyed Anne’s last performance enormously, and will be going. See ya there?

Anne Hayres, the Grand Hotel, corner of Spencer and Flinders, Friday 25th October, 5.30 – 8.30

Next week Tess is back in town, meself on piano, the flying Texican Kip Dale on bass and a drummer on drums. Alright, I haven’t organised one yet…


Grauniad Gremlins Hit Jammers

The bespoke and highly competitive “be first to spot the spelling mistakes” competition has had to be cancelled this week.

This unfortunate state of affairs is due to unforseen adequacies in the capacities of our contributor(s) and an unforseen flush of enthusiasm from our tireless sub-editors.

John Montesante Quintet with Samantha Morley – Sat 24th

Samantha Morley is a class act! She will join the stellar, horn-led ‘John Montesante Quintet’, performing bebop and standards repertoire, for a special evening of Jazz entertainment. Originally from Sydney, Sam has an impressive background – as a jazz singer and in musical stage shows. She has also recorded her own album, The Nearness of You

Saturday 24th October at Dizzy’s
Jazz Club
381 Burnley Street
Richmond Victoria

The Sunday Arvo Jam Session:

Uncle Glens’ Gossip Shop was in fine form last week – only Il Duce had re-arranged the set up, to keep the doorway clear. Apart from the singers voice emanating from speakers nowhere near the singer, and the band being cunningly arranged so that they couldn’t communicate, it was a bit of a debacle as furniture moving goes… although it didn’t stop around 20 musos (and Thomas the Tap) having a ball. We somehow ended up playing until 8.00pm. Almost breakfast time for some of us.

Hortense, if she was there, was in a different spot, and would have decided to turn up on a whim . Madge from Altona rarely does that these days, as every time she has done it in the past, the wheels have fallen off the whim. They just don’t make ’em like they used to.


The Castlemaine Jazz Festival: a brief update

The Committee continues to work apace. Visited the first eight venues in the company of Linda Carpenter and John Hannah. We are getting some very positive responses from the  local venue operators. Seasoned Jammers would be well advised to leave town now, as we have just worked out we will need 32 volunteers to man the doors and marshal the bands through their changeovers. Gulp!

And dat, as they say in the talkies, is the news from Sleepy Hollow.