What are the Jammers getting up to, where, when, probably not why, and maybe with whom….

What’s on at The Grand Hotel

The Divine Miss Smythe makes a rare appearance at the Grand Hotel only it is on  Saturday 27th July, as the Hotel is having a Brazilian themed Prawn and Crackers night with exotic Dancers on the Friday. I made this last bit up.  Anyhoo, the aforesaid Diva will be trotting out her unusual jazz standards and schtick, with accomplices Curtis J, Martelli D (drums), and Taylor D, basso profundo. There may be a surprise appearance by Captain Chaos, but this is unlikely, as any appearance by the Captain can hardly be called a surprise any more… if you are going, get there early as we ran out of seats last week…

Ann Smith, The Grand Hotel, corner of Spencer Street and Flinders Street, Saturday 27th July, from 5.30 – 8.30pm.

Next week,  the Grand hosts the irrepressible Ruby Rogers,  taking a break from a very full dance card to get up and boogie the night away. The Riuby Rogers gigs have always been stompin’ little affaires, accompanied as ever by much swinging from the Chandeliers, taking the proverbial out of complete strangers so nicely that they renjoy it, and generally having a good time. Doug Kuhn, Putnamondrum and meself will accompany, and the utterly gorgeous Izumi will be doing her sax thing…

The Castlemaine Jam:  Sunday 4th August  from 3.30pm at The Comma, Hargreaves Street, Castlemaine. If you want to score a seat, get there early, the place has been packed out of late.. The featured singer will be a Melbourne based Diva, who has promised to check her calendar and get back to me any day now…

The Leinster Arms 150th Birthday Bash: Il Duce (Glen to those in the know) is throwing an open day, music, Clydesdales, events, barbecues, sly gossip and outrageous exaggeration on Sunday August 18th – there will be a special set by the Melbourne Jazz Jammers Band (always assuming I can find the telephone number) some time in the afternoon. Stay tooned for more info…

Walk right In, jump outta ya skin and dance around in your Bones! And that should still be enough music for anyone…

The Leinster Arms: A Jam Session gets good…

I was talking to Hortense a couple of weeks ago.  She may have  been hanging around in the nether shadows of the back Bar, but I doubt it. Whatever, I was encouraging Miss H to dust off her trumpet, step up and impress the drummer with one of her hot licks. She may have misunderstood me. Strangely,  there were no less than five drummers turned up at the next session last Sunday. Along with six saxes,  a coupla geetars, and poor old Mr T stuck on bass all afternoon. Poor my *rse, he    loved every minute of it..

Whatever,  it all turned into a rather spiffin’ jam and a fine afternoon’s entertainment all round.

The Stars: Picking out the best performances is always an invidious task, and as I don’t know the meaning of invidious, I won’t be doing it. More to the point, there were only three people there who have not played a Grand Hotel session (out of 24), and one of those is booked in already.

The somewhat disconcertingly high standard of music has got us all worried: this sort of thing could lead to jazz. Try and lower the tone next time, will ya?

Or not – it was kind of fun, and we are all going to do it again next week.

Marg tells me she will be there…


Live talent quest at Melbourne’s premier venue.
The Talent quest offers the unique opportunity for up and coming entertainers to strut their stuff and come out of their shell.
The contestants will need to be able to perform to a live audience in a true cabaret atmosphere backed by a band or backing tapes.
The acts will be adjudicated by a popular vote by the audience and a panel of respected judges, from the entertainment industry that will analyse the performance and contribute to the final result.
The contest will be held at Melbourne’s premier venue, Sugar Lounge / Trak Centre, over a period of 11 weeks commencing in July 2013.
The popular winner will be in a position to commence a musical career with the first prize being, $5000.00 cash, recording time at Atlantis studio, professional photographic portfolio and a personal management contract.
To enter: enquiries@aussiepromotion.com.au or tel. 9347 6678

The Connie Lansberg Quartet on every Friday from 8 to 11pm


I wanted to let you know about a weekly jazz gig at a new venue in Melbourne. The Regent Club puts The Connie Lansberg Quartet on every Friday from 8 to 11pm. Located on Level 3 at 206 Bourke St., The Regent is a very sophisticated room offering an up market experience for a very reasonable price. When people pre-book with me, the entrance fee of $20 per person is waived completely. The room is set with a very glamorous multi story spa which is highly unusual in its self. The Connie Lansberg Quartet features Norwegian jazz pianist, Tom Hanssen and we mostly pay tribute to the great jazz artists of the thirties, forties and fifties. You can check out some live footage on my youtube channel. People can book by emailing me at this email or calling on 0408391898. I do hope this would be suitable for your blog and if you have any questions feel free to contact me.
All the best,
Connie Lansberg 


Sweet Ade – recorder and jazz like you’ve never heard them before

Sweet Ade is a recorder-led jazz and ragtime band, “trad” but non-traditional.  Inspired by the recorder playing of the late, great Australian multi-instrumentalist Ade Monsbrough, its eclectic repertoire includes tunes by Ade, ragtime, jazz standards and klezmer.  The band members are: Marion Lustig (recorders), Peter Mason (clarinet, tenor and soprano saxophones, vocals, recorder, ukelele), Lisette Payet (piano, vocals, ukulele, piano accordion), Chris Farley (banjo and vocals), Joe Kenyon (sousaphone), Richard Opat (washboard and drums), and Janet Arndt (vocals).
Sweet Ade has several forthcoming gigs:

Rosstown Hotel, 1084 Dandenong Rd., Carnegie on Sunday, July 28th from 1.30 – 4.30 pm. Free admission. Bistro lunch available from 12 noon – bookings advisable on 95711033. www.rosstown.com.au/‎

Treble Clef Jazz Lounge, 17 Paynes Rd., Chirnside Park on Friday, August 9 from 8 pm. Free admission. Light lounge menu and drinks available. 97396739. http://www.treblecleflounge.com.au

And for those planning ahead…

Bass Valley Community Centre, Bass School Rd., Bass.  Cup Day, Tuesday, November 5 from 2 – 4.30 pm. Entry $12.50. BBQ and sausage sizzle in the park from 11.30 a.m.  Bookings: Roger Clark, P.O. Box 1084 Grantville 3984, phone 0403 025 429, or email clarkrg@primusonline.

Sweet Ade enquiries: Marion Lustig 0407342882

What’s Done and Dusted, What’s Happening, Where, When, With Whom perhaps

Update 18 July 2013

This Friday at the Grand Hotel, Chelly Parisi will be singing, accompanied by Kip Dale (Bass) and Bruce Constable (drums). She don’t know what she in fer – Bruce is the smoothest of the regular drummers, and one of the youngest (well in the top ten anyway). He flies down from Sydney for a session every now and then.  I will be trying to keep up on piano, and I might get the Captain to play a coupla toons. The session is going to be entirely focussed on having a good time with a great rhythm section. I suppose you could turn up if you wanted to. Marg will be there…

Next week sees a return to normality, with the DIVINE MISS SMYTHE, accompanied by Gentleman John Curtis, Danilo (drums) and Dave Taylor (double bass) accompanying. 

Chelly Parisi boogies up The Grand Hotel, cnr Spencer and Flinders Streets, Friday 19th July, from 5.30pm to 8.30pm

One for your diary: The Leinster Arms is having a 150th Birthday Party, with an open day on Sunday August 18th – there will be all sorts of food, goodies, bands, including possibly the Jammers band (whoever that might be) and the Brewery Clydesdales delivering the beer.   I didn’t know Glen was that old…

The Castlemaine Jam: Every first Sunday of the month from 3.30pm at The Comma, Hargeaves Street, Castlemaine. If you want to score a seat, get there early, the place has been packed out of late.. Singer Meg Corson takes the guest spot at the next one.

Get up and boogie! And that should still be enough music for anyone…