What’s On at The Grand Hotel

A great set by Chelly Parisi last week, with a tight rhythm section and the Driscoll in really fine form on his Flugel.

This week, Ruby Rogers will be singing up a storm. After rocking out Kojo Brown last week, she will be supported by Rene (bass), Putnamondrums and meself on piano filling in the fiddly bits.  It is not impossible that the evening will descend to a surprise  appearance by Captain Chaos himself, and if you must come, you are requested to be seated nicely by 5.30pm, so as to cushion the blow.

The Grand Hotel, corner of  Spencer Street and Flinders Street, Friday 26 April from 5.30 onwards

Next week…

The Captain Chaos Quartet gets booked for a function, and big news on Castlemaine…See ya round the traps..

Selected jam from the Gold Street Gossip Shop

What can I say – bleedin’ piss elegant it was:  only the jammers royalty turned up: (and me) – about 15 of us in all, Captain Chaos as ever wielding the metaphorical baton, Chelly Parisi ripping it up on vocals, Trent (sax) and Yassim (guitar) adding some class, Julian looking suitably baleful on trumpet, a welcome return from Peter Cole on sax and none other than Mr McCue, the Hibernian Houdini at the pianoforte. A rare visit by the Esteemed Editor from Bendigo, a fine rural city I am told, where you can pick up  hubcaps at a very reasonable price.  I learned, through idle discourse at Uncle Glen’s bar, that not only does the Ed not like whisky, (and was therefore, I assume, sent to the Colonies in disgrace), but that he rarely gets to play with an ensemble. Despite being the owner of several Yamaha pianos, he is often reduced to playing with himself, in the lonely wastelands of Outer East Bendigo or wherever he hails from. They do that sort of thing in the provinces, which explains a lot.

But I digress. The Jam session and the Newsletter. Ah yes, I remember now: apparently this is perused  by several people each week, only one of them being me. And if the other one is Professor Stanley the Van Hooft, we should note that he put in some particularly fine work on the bass – stayed all arvo and really drove us all along.. He’s probably not reading this. I wouldn’t, given half a chance.

Jack: he would be malingering, but he can’t be bothered….

This  brings me, somewhat inelegantly, to Jack the Lad. I checked in on the brand new hip last week, and was reliably informed that whilst the hip is fine, the Jack part of the alliance is  recovering slowly. He is already driving again (Audrey, up the wall, by her account),  and will be back as soon as he has ironed out the creases in his trombone… I have reassured him that we all miss his singing. Indeed, some of us have always missed his singing (if we can…)

Jazz Notes at The Treble Clef

In recent weeks, Jazz Notes has been preparing to play at The Treble Clef Jazz Lounge in Chirnside Park.

We are delighted to have three singers on the day:
Delia Gawthorne
Jan Blake
Luella McCormack

You can catch videos of Delia and Jan via the links at http://jazznotes.net.au/?p=492 but they’re better live. Luella’s new to jazz so you’ll have to come along to hear her!

Each will sing a set and, if we’re lucky, they might do something together to finish off the day.

The rest of the line-up will be:
Ann Craig (flute)
Kevin Blazé (guitar)
Andrew Eames (bass)
Rob Mercer (drums)

We’ve been practising with Luella, Jan and Delia over the past few weeks. It’s been great fun and we’re really looking forward to Sunday!

Sun 28 April 2013, 2-5pm
Treble Clef Jazz Lounge
17 Paynes Rd
Chirnside Park 3116

The Treble Clef Jazz Lounge serves drinks and light snacks. Entry is free.

By the way, keep an eye on the web site for another session at Bar Oussou on Sun 12 May.

From Jan Blake

Hi live music supporters, I am having a ‘SPECIAL‘  birthday 😉 eeeekkk !!!! and invite you to come to Jazz on Main to enjoy my awesome Band ‘BODY and  SOUL’ and some birthday cake !!!!!

We will be  playing some gorgeous  Jazz/Blues and Latin tunes ! I have a very special guest Bass player as…..sob…  Frank will be away on business that weekend !  Many thanks to David  Taylor for filling in with his Double Bass, Woo Hoo !

You never know ,we may have some other ‘special  guests’ as well.
Hope you can make it !
Thanks for supporting live music in our city  !

FRiday 3rd May
at the Upper Room
1st Floor, 106 Main St,  Lilydale
(on right HS over railway line from  City, come down the service lane out front, )
 (please don’t park in front of Ice Cream  Shop)
1st FRIDAY of the month  ……
( except for  June….new date tba due to Merimbula Jazz Festival falling the same  weekend)
8.00pm til 11.00pm
$15 pp,
Lounge environment, dance floor, NO BAR , coffee and biscuits included .
Details 0411342337
Best regards
Jan Blake

The Leinster Jam Session

Was rather busy again this week – Captain Chaos in fine form as ever.

Highlights (for me, anyway) were Mr Taariq playing some great bass – not too loud, right on the chord all the time. I think he must have been on performance enhancing substances, although he didn’t answer to James, Hird or Coach so maybe not. Great set, Mr T followed by Andy Moon, who was just as good, and so he should be because he can actually read those little dots they put over the chords to confuse the rest of us, and he sits in with a dead posh band when not playing at the jams.

Oh, and Chelly and Tess sang some great ballads – I really enjoyed sitting back and being entertained. John Curtis, Ali, Julian, James (drums), Andrew (drums), Danilo (DRUMS)  and a few others provided the candles on the cake.

Around fifteen musos provided a class performance all arvo. Stop it at once, it sets a dangerous precedent.

Ya wouldn’t be dead fer quids…

The 51st Inaugural Vladivostok Jazz Bash (2014)

Has been relocated, possibly to Castlemaine, due to bad weather.  The Captain has scouted a couple of ace venues in the ancient burgh of Castlemaine, famous for its, well I am not sure what, really. Great assistance from John Hannah was much appreciated, and things are moving along nicely. So we didn’t have to send the Captain to Vladivostok after all, although, of course, the temptation remains, particularly when he starts playing Killer Joe or Footprints.

What’s Up With Jack

You may have heard that Jack Morris got run over by a four wheel drive, and has had to have a hip replacement. That is just a rumour, the truth is, he was playing Footprints or Killer Joe at the time: I would think that would constitute a complete defence for the bloke in the Nissan Pathfinder or whatever it was. Sadly, the trombone came out unscathed. There is no justice in the world any more, is there… get well soon Jack!